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There are few more frustrating and debilitating parts of the body to endure an injury, or infection to than the foot. Any significant injury to the toes, ankle, knee or foot proper can lay you up for days on end, unable to walk or stand or else hobbling around in great pain and discomfort. Obviously in this sort of state it’s highly important to have a foot doctor conveniently accessible; so if you think you may have suffered a serious injury or contracted a localised infection or fungus, take yourself to the Kew Podiatry and Sports Centre foot clinic.

As your local podiatrist for Hawthorn, our staff of experienced and friendly foot doctors are well equipped to handle any sort of damage your feet might sustain. By using the most cutting-edge assessment and analysis methods we can build a profile of your foot and identify not only the exact cause and nature of the injury, but also the best course of treatment and management to help you make a swift recovery.

Our services have been especially valued by local sportspeople of all ages, who are more likely than most to sustain a sudden and debilitating foot injury. The Kew Podiatry team are highly experienced in this area of foot medicine, able to give you immediate advice on the management of your feet, ankle or knee injury and how you might better protect it once you have recovered enough to retake the field. Don’t make any rash decisions regarding your post-injury sporting career until you have at least spoken to your local Hawthorn podiatrist.

There’s no need to wait until you’ve actually suffered an injury either – with the amount of stress we place on our legs and feet each day many people can benefit significantly from regular checkups with our foot doctors. With our expert advice and access to prescription orthotics, it is possible to identify and reverse this sort of gradual wear and damage to the feet, so if you are experiencing pain or trouble when bearing your weight on part of a foot, come and visit us soon.

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