Ingrown Nails Surgeries - Kew

Amonsgt our specialty services, we include and can provide ingrown nail surgeries. Our specialist and trained Podiatrists are able to provide non-invasive nail surgery to remove ingrown, or pathological nails. The procedure is done in clinic and in our specially built surgical consulting room. 

Although we provide surgeries, there are a range of other treatment options for ingrown nails. Once conservative options have been undertaken, our podiatrists will further assess and educate you on your options. 

The surgery - called a partial nail avulsion, requires a local anesthetic into the toe, before we surgically remove the portion of nail that is dug into the side of your toe. Importantly, after surgery care is provided within our clinic, and all dressings/education are provided pre and post surgery. 

If you have any questions, or have an ingrown nail, please do not hesitate to contact us 9853 7836, or book in online .