Orthotics - Kew

At Kew Podiatry and Sports Centre we can assess and educate you on if you need orthotics. There are range of reasons that indicate the need for orthotics. In our initial assessment, we will complete a full biomechanical assessment, that includes, but does not exclude:

  • Muscle testing
  • Range of motion assessment
  • Walking gait anaylsis
  • Static standing assessment
  • Running assessment 

Through our comprehensive assessments, we will be able to quickly and thoroughly determine the best treatment options available for you.

The main function of a foot orthotic is to redistrube plantar pressurs and correctly support the three arches within your foot. Orthotics have also been shown to have significant effect on joints above the ankle (knee), and aid to re align your joints.  As fantastic as orthotics are, if not prescribed correctly, can lead to further pathologies and issues.  

Our Podiatrists in Kew, are able to provide a range of orthotics tailored to your needs. As per our clinic policy, if you receive orthotics from us, we recover them yearly - free of charge- and complete a review at 6 monthly intervals. If you have private health insurance with Podiatry extras, orthotics (up to a certain limit or per centage) are normally covered.

If you have any questions regarding orthotics, orthotic modifications, or orthotics in kew, please do not hesitate to contact us on 98537836 or book in online !