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While rarely life-threatening, an injury or serious infection to your feet can be even more insidious in its impact, threatening your quality of life instead. If you end up missing work days, family events, sporting occasions and nights out with friends because you’re laid up with a foot, toe, knee or ankle injury it can be a drain on your relationships, finances and emotions. And even if you do make it out of the house, nobody enjoys hobbling around on crutches or wearing an uncomfortable moonboot.

That’s why you should seek the attention of your trained local podiatrists at Kew Podiatry as soon as you suspect your foot might be injured or infected. We have access to the most up to date methods of diagnosis and analysis, allowing us to give any Richmond residents an almost immediate summary of the damage to their extremities and their best options for treatment and recovery. You can make the right decision to suit your lifestyle and needs and protect the foot to ensure you’re recovered to full strength in the shortest possible time.

Only a short trip away from Richmond and prominently located on High Street, Kew, our foot clinic is your closest source for prescription orthotics, podiatric treatment, checkups and care. Our team of doctors are experienced in all facets of podiatry, and between them have specialist knowledge needed to treat children, teens and adults with equal proficiency. Returning patients can see the same podiatrist with each visit, building up a continuity of care which allows for a stronger doctor-patient relationship and better medical results.

As a high-profile specialist clinic, it is important that you make contact with Kew Podiatry as soon as possible if you want to secure an appointment
at a specific time. You can call the clinic on 03 9853 7836 to book your time, or email any enquiry to us at [email protected] . If you cannot get the appointment time you desired because it was already taken we will find another spot for you in the near future or put your name on our shortlist in case of cancellation.

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